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Developing a prototype

To turn your inspiration into a working, physical type of product, it is important to determine its fitness and function. In reality, most companies do not have a physical product ready to test for several months, sometimes even years. It takes time for a team of designers to take a vision in your mind and bring it out into a real-world application. This is a prototyping method. Creating the first prototype is the first important move in beginning a successful business venture. Many organizations that struggle do so because they expend too much of their time and money following a flawed growth plan. Many who have achieved their first product launch have developed and optimized a working prototype.

Learn from existing products

Customers deserve better, functional goods. For this reason, nobody needs to reinvent the wheel. Before beginning with the design concept, product designers should explore current product reviews, competing for product features, and functionality. Using CAD and CAE applications in the cloud, product designers can refine the current product in real-time by operating on the same digital models. Partners and consumers can preview digital image designs on any mobile device, and designers can enhance product design, size, or content from previous models.

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