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A hand holding up materials from a factory, small plastic pieces

From Electronics to Sustainable Goods

Excellence in product design and manufacturing across industries and products.


Mindfulness Made Simple

Dive into mindfulness with Buddha Board. Through mindful painting, experience the calming effects of meditation. Paint with water on the surface and witness your creation emerge. As the water evaporates, your art vanishes, leaving you with a fresh canvas and a tranquil mind.

Buddha board on shelf
Buddha board on shelf


Embrace Spa Luxury at Home

Indulge in spa luxury at home with Medusa Mats. Our diatomaceous stone bath mat elevates your bathing routine with sustainability and practicality. Featuring self-drying and antibacterial properties, it ensures a safe and hygienic experience. Complete with an anti-slip device and sanding tool for longevity, enjoy the ultimate in comfort and eco-friendliness.

Medusa Mats stone bath mat on floor
Medusa Mats stone bath mat on floor
Two men inspecting boxes of product in factory warehouse in China
A factory viewed from the outside

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Start exploring overseas production and take charge of your product development journey. Schedule your free consultation with GeniusQuest Design to explore new possibilities.

Two men looking at ipad in front of loading bay in Chinese factory

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Our Industries

GeniusQuest Design specializes in versatility across industries, boasting years of adeptness in crafting goods of a variety of materials, safety regulations, and industry standards. We meticulously select factories tailored to each sector's needs, utilizing cutting-edge equipment, industry-specific best practices, and adept product designers and engineers. This holistic approach guarantees the delivery of top-tier, safety-compliant products, meeting and exceeding the stringent standards expected across various industries.

Elevate your lifestyle with wellness products tailored for your everyday needs.

Health and Wellness

Innovative gadgets for every need, from smartphones to smart home systems.


Building the future with sturdy materials and efficient tools for construction.


Fashionable fabrics and garments for corporations seeking customized team swag.

Textile and Apparel

Everyday essentials and luxury items crafted with quality and care.

Consumer Goods

Inspiring playtime and fun for adults and kids with creative toys and brain-teasing puzzles.

Toys and Puzzels
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