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Keep it simple

It should be possible for end-users to easily grasp how the product operates. Otherwise, with a product that doesn't work for them, you would get customers irritated. That said, it is best not to presume that the function of a product is evident only because it is obvious to you. Challenge yourself to see the product from someone's eyes who has never previously communicated with it. They would not hesitate to go to their rivals if end users are confused or upset.

Prioritize Functionality over Feature

As a product designer, you should concentrate more on functions than on characteristics. In your product, you may feel tempted to add loads and loads of features, but that can fire you back. Too many characteristics mean too many colours, notes, phrases, room, and this can annoy your users immediately, and eventually make them change your product.

It's a fact that simplicity wins the race most of the time. And rather than conducting multiple activities, people choose something that performs a single task very well. They would like something that works! Think about what is the aim of building your product? What dilemma is the right one to solve? Answering these questions will assist you with a flawless mission. can follow each other, write and reply to comments and receive blog notifications. Each member gets their own personal profile page that they can customize.

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