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Joe Brock Average


Joe Average is a remarkable name for a remarkable individual. A Canadian artist, photographer, and printmaker born in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada in 1957 who resides these days in Vancouver, British Columbia, he’s not well known south of the border in the United States. But he should be. It’s not just that his art is bold in its colors and imagery and has gained quite a following in Canada. It’s that his work, while it may occasionally remind one of Pop artists like Roy Lichtenstein or Pop-influenced artists like Keith Haring, is ultimately his own unique take on the world as a person who’s confronted a number of issues in his life ranging from dyslexia to a diagnosis of AIDS when he was 27 years old. He’s won quite a few awards over the years, one of the latest being a commemorative coin using his design released by the Canadian Mint in 2019 to celebrate the progress made by the LGBTQ and two-spirited population in Canada over the previous fifty years.


Joe Average has been donating his art for over 30 years to such causes as Loving Spoonful, The BC Children's Hospital the list goes on. After starting out 40 years ago as a young artist who just wanted to get his name out there and do some good in the world, Joe should be so proud of what he has achieved in both his art and philanthropy.

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