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Bridget Anson


A New Jersey personality through art. It started out more so as making a mess, but as I began to get older my art became more dignified and mature. I sold my first piece of art to a family friend when I was 16, and at that moment I concluded that this would be what I did with my art. Now I have sold over 35,000 pieces of art, and have been featured in galleries around the world. Each piece of art I make is 100% unique, as I don’t believe in selling replicas. Besides, I have enough creativity to go around. My art has been described as vibrant, loud, emotional, and modern. I have grown a following on Instagram of over 20,000 through the posting of my life. People resonate with seeing my journey and watching my process when creating my artworks.


Heartfelt Reserve
A Foundation dedicated to helping feed indigenous children who are facing hunger due to school closures in Ontario.

Covid-19 is Increasing Child Hunger > Learn More About Our Response (

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