idea generation

Let us help you to start to identify your product design plan and smartest approach to save time and money moving forward with the idea. We take your idea from your head to your hand. With over 300 products developed for big-box retail, our team has what it takes to develop your idea in 30 days or less including final product packaging design direct from our in-house team.

Step one


The most important advantage of a prototype is that it simulates the real and future product. It can help attract customers to invest in the product before allocating any resources needed for implementation. You can test the design's correctness before it comes into production and you can discover design errors. This is where we make sure you optimize engineering and manufacturing to lower final product costs.

Step two


Now we are ready to engineer the manufacturing processes needed to mass-produce your idea. Our engineering design guidelines help save time, money, and any unnecessary headaches by cutting down on design time while finding creative ways to cut costs without sacrificing quality.

Step three

manufacturing & shipping

We Manufacturing everything from children's electronic toys, plastic injection products, Rota Moulding, rubber products, Glass, and textiles. We control all the critical components at all stages of the production through our in-house Quality Control & Quality Assurance procedures. Once production is finished we arrange all shipping FOB China to your port of choice along with all customs clearances in your country.

Step four


Placing an order with GeniusQuest directly means far fewer mistakes, onsite Quality Control, and assurance which equals a much more impressive final product. Our Customer Service along with significantly lower pricing has kept our company successful for the past 24 years. We are direct to the factory. 

Step Five